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Studies have shown that people who participate in the arts are active community leaders in other areas as well. CS is an important community organization which provides opportunities for participation at many levels – from playing in the orchestra to serving on the board or committees to enjoying the concerts as an audience member. I especially appreciate the learning opportunities my students have received by interning with the CS. We need organizations like the CS which help us meet our neighbors and enrich our lives and our community with the arts.

– Ellen Rosewall, UW-Green Bay Associate Professor and Arts Advocate


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Assisting the orchestra is not limited to the musically inclined. We’re seeking talented individuals with other skill sets, too!


Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Grant writing.
  • Connecting with area businesses to secure sponsorships and program advertising.
  • Planning and assistance with fundraising events.

Marketing / Public Relations:

  • Copywriting for promotions, social media, and other public-facing communications.
  • Distributing promotional materials to area businesses and public bulletin boards.
  • Launch content via social media.
  • Planning and assistance with representing the orchestra at local community fairs and fine arts festivals.


  • Communicate with area educators for educational outreach.
  • Planning and assistance with running educational events.

Concert Operations:

  • Transportation and moving of equipment for concerts and rehearsals.

Board Membership:

  • We’d love to expand our board membership to include experts in the areas of Marketing, Public Relations, Finance, Fundraising, General Management, and Educational Outreach.

Interested in volunteering with us? Would you like to know more about these opportunities? Fill out our Contact Form today! We’d love for you to join us!